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New Patients


Our patient registration forms are available for download, just bring them with for your appointment. If you’d prefer to complete the forms at the time of your office visit, be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment.


We are members of several insurance plans. We will bill all insurance carriers for you. Please bring a copy of your current health insurance identification card to each visit. Remember that your coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is your responsibilty to understand the basics of your coverage. You are responsible for your bills regardless of what your insurance pays. Co-payments are required at the time of service. If you have difficulty with payments, please discuss special arrangements for extended payments with our billing department.


Things to Bring on Appointment Day

  • Insurance Card
  • List of current medications with dosages; or bring medication bottles
  • Any co-pay you may have


We have a full service lab within our office which allows us to perform the majority of the tests ordered by your provider. Lab appointment hours are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Lab tests that are done on site are filed directly into your medical records. Some laboratory tests may be sent out to a reference lab. If this is the case, you will receive a separate statement from that facility. The majority of our send out labs are performed at OML (Oregon Medical Laboratory), which is also interfaced with our medical records system. You will be notified of results and the arrangement for appropriate follow-up care if necessary. If you have not heard about your results after 3 weeks, please call us and let us know.

How To Prepare for a Lab test

  • Please remain well hydrated, drink plenty of water starting the night before your anticipated draw.
  • Take any prescribed medications as usual.
  • Frequently a urine sample is also needed, please be prepared for this possibility.
  • Your provider will let you know if your test is fasting or non-fasting. If you are unsure please call. If your test requires fasting, do not eat 8 hours before the test; drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and you may have one cup of black coffee or tea (no cream or sugar).


We are committed the safety, security and accuracy of your prescription. For this reason we send most of our new prescriptions and refill requests electronically to your pharmacy.

Prescription Refills

Please call your pharmacy at least 48 hours in advance, Monday-Friday- even if your prescription states: no refills. The pharmacy will call us for verification. Be sure to call for a refill before your medication runs out. Plan ahead for week-ends and holidays.
*Be advised that it may take 36 to 72 hours to process your refill request.

Mail-Order Pharmacies

We are also capable to sending electronic prescriptions to mail order pharmacies. For set up please have the location of the pharmacy and the fax number along with a member ID number if required.

We do not routinely prescribe or refill antibiotics, narcotics, or sedatives over the phone. These types of medications need to be discussed with your provider.

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